Terms and Conditions

• During the course, the students shall abide by the instructions and decisions of the authorities of MIT-WPU SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY.

• Students have to follow all the schedules, time tables as per the Institute decisions.

• Students have to adhere strictly to the discipline of the program, at all times during the program.

• Students will have to submit their evaluation projects/reports within the time limits decided by the Institute.

• It is assumed upon your enrollment for the course, that you have accepted all the terms and conditions and undertakings.

• If anyone misbehaves or disobeys the rules of course, office authority has complete rights to cancel his/her admission for the course.

Policy on Code of Conduct for students

Rules For Attendance
  • Every student is expected to secure minimum 75% attendance. Students, whose names appear in attendance defaulter list, may not be allowed to appear for further lectures and examinations.
  • In exceptional and unavoidable circumstances (including medical), if a student is required to be absent, written application should be submitted to claim permission of the principal for the period of absence.
Inside Classroom
  • Students must maintain silence in the class and avoid disturbance to other classes.
  • Students are not allowed to go out in between the lecture sessions.
  • Students must keep their cell-phone switched-off during lectures. Camera cell phones are strictly not allowed.
  • Students have to enter classroom in time as per schedule.
In Computer Lab and Library
  • Students must maintain silence in the computer lab.
  • Students must carry I-card in the computer lab.
  • Students must follow the lab time as per schedule.
  • Mobiles should be switched off in lab.
  • Eatables are not allowed in the Computer Lab or in classroom.
  • Proper entry in the register is mandatory for issuing Library books and Magazines.
In The Studio
  • Students must carry their I-Cards in the studio.
  • Eatables are not allowed inside the studio. Chewing gum during class and in studio is strictly prohibited.
  • Mobiles should be switched off in the studio.
  • Any kind of music is strictly not allowed in the studio.
  • Students are not allowed to bring along any outsiders without the prior permission of faculty.
  • Any damage or loss of studio equipment and accessories will be charged to the respective student. Students who fail to pay for the loss/damage will not be allowed to attend any further classes or exams.
On The MIT-WPU Campus
  • Consumption of alcohol, tobacco products, and narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • Keep the decorum of MIT-WPU as a whole.
  • Refrain from misconduct of any kind, which would tarnish the image of MIT-WPU SOP. Problems if any to be reported to MIT-WPU SOP authorities.
  • Students are to carry I-card all the time while in MIT-WPU SOP/MIT-WPU campus.
  • Vehicles to be kept properly locked and no unattended items to be left on the vehicles.
  • Any damage or loss of studio equipment and accessories will be charged to the respective student. Students who fail to pay for the loss/damage will not be allowed to attend any further classes or exams.
At The Time of Examinations
  • Students are expected to report 10 minutes prior to scheduled exam time.
  • Students are not allowed to stand/roam around in the corridors when examinations are in progress.
  • Any malpractice during exams would be dealt strictly and punished.
  • Copying assignments, projects etc. are strictly prohibited. Disciplinary action will be initiated on defaulters.
  • Students will not be allowed to enter the exam hall after 30min of commencement of exam.
  • The students are strictly not allowed to carry mobile phones into examination hall.
  • Exams won’t be re-conducted in any of the circumstances.
At The Time of Seminar and Guest Lectures
  • Attendance for all seminars/guest lectures is compulsory.
  • Students are to maintain discipline during seminars.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the seminar hall during session.
  • Students have to keep their cell-phones switched-off.
Dress Code
  • Students are expected to dress in a decent manner.
  • Shorts and 3/4th pants are strictly prohibited.
  • Transparent clothing is strictly prohibited.
  • Notices are always displayed on the notice board in the computer lab.
  • Writing on benches, walls and toilets are strictly prohibited.
  • College will not be responsible for any lost or stolen personal belongings.
  • Outsiders are not allowed inside the college premises.
  • Permission from principal is required before arranging any mass party or function for our students.
  • RAGGING is strictly prohibited.
  • Using portable devices (e.g. pen drive, hard drive etc.) in the computer Lab without permission is not allowed.
  • Students should ensure to switch off fans, lights and close the washroom taps when they are not in use.
  • Any misleading comment/information regarding college or in the name of college on any social networking site will be seriously viewed.

RAGGING is an offence punishable by law resulting in imprisonment and/or penalty. As per the directions of the Honorable Supreme Court in SLP No. 24295 of 2006 dated 16th May 2007 and in Civil Appeal number 887 of 2009 dated 8th May 2009 and Govt. of Maharashtra Ordinance dated 15th May 1999. “Ragging” means display of disorderly conduct, doing of any act, which causes or is likely to cause physical, psychological harm or raise apprehension or fear or shame/embarrassment to as student in any educational institution and includes – teasing, abusing, threatening or playing practical jokes and/or causing hurt to such student, or asking a student to do any act or perform something which such student will not in the ordinary course willingly do.