Working as an Advertising & Industrial photographer since 1983.He is doing freelance feature photography for various periodicals all over the country.
      Apart from his successful career as an Advertising & Industrial Photographer, Sateesh has also excelled as a photographer of Hindustani Classical Music artistes. His lens has been as sensitive as the retina in capturing the fleeting moods of artistes in performances. His collection of photographs, shot during Mehfils shows spontaneity, sensitivity & beauty combined. Sateesh has a collection of about 20,000 photo-prints of 300 vocalists and instrumentalists both in color as well as black & white.



      Talk famous photographers and Sameer Belvalkar is one of the top photographers that come to the mind. Unlike other photographers, Sameer Belvalkar began his professional photography career as a press photographer. Gaining experience as he was mentored by some of the top photographers in Mumbai he was able to develop skills in modeling photography, portrait and people photography, commercial photography, advertising photography, fashion photography and portfolio photography. Sameer Belvalkar has also had the unique opportunity to rub shoulders with top names in Bollywood, fashion and advertising industry and over time he has emerged as one of the best commercial photographers in India.



Sushil Chikane is a photo artist based out of Pune. He has traversed India extensively. Coupled with the beautiful places he travels to with his camera is his eye for detail and the ability to bring into the frame something surreal and absolutely captivating.
      With a cumulative experience of 15 years in the field in association with an array of organizations, In the course of his travels and trained in biodeversity, he has had the privilege to observe some very fascinating and rare creatures that inhabit the wildernesses. Additionally, his unique ability to compose images of wildlife in an artistic manner, gives them a unique feel and can be interpreted in a myriad ways.
      Sushil's pictures have been published in some leading magazines like Heritage India, Saevus and Sanctuary Asia and in books such as the Reptiles and Amphibians of Maharashtra and Reptiles of India.


What our students say

Testimonials From Students At MIT School Of Photography
Here is What Few Of Them Have Said !!!

  • "The infrastructure of MIT-WPU and its campus life is greatly appreciated by the students. The events that take place help students to grow individuals and help with their confidence. The faculty of the 'School of Photography' is very helpful and guides the students in a constructive way that enables students to unlock their true potential."

    Aayushi Vaidya Batch: FYBA
  • "When I started searching for good colleges and universities, I found MIT School of Photography. I feel fortunate to be a part if this college. The college has very interactive faulty who makes everyone excited for the lectures. MITSOP gave me the opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge. I am glad that MITSOP happened to me."

    Shreyasi Chavan Batch: TYBA
  • "I am so grateful for my education. My MIT-WPU background has equipped me to move seamlessly through industries. My faculty empowered me to incorporate a framework driven by critical thinking as well as social, artistic, and ethical concerns in all areas of my work and personal life.
    Majoring in photography, was one of the best decisions I made while at MIT-WPU School of Photography. I’m extremely thankful to my MIT family, professors, advisors, staff, and fellow MIT classmates. To moulding me in such a way, from at the bottom of my career and shaping my future, goals, and aspirations.
    Service-learning programs are about more than service provided; they are about putting that service in the context of other various issues such as World Peace.
    As a new college student, I had a lot of goals and ideas, but I didn’t really know how to go about reaching them. Over the last two years, School of Photography gave me an incredible number of resources, guidance, and helped to developed leadership and communication skills and overcame my own culture and language barriers.
    "Going to MIT World peace university is the best decision I ever made.” "

    Abhishek Das Batch: TYBA
  • "I am so happy to be a part of MIT WPU that feels like a family. They have pushed me to achieve whatever I wanted to. Without people like them, my dreams would have remained dreams. I'm thankful for their love and support."

    Shantanu Kale Batch: SYBA
  • "MIT-WPU has given me the opportunity to shape my future, the facilities it has to offer are enormous, our faculty and staff members are one of the kindest and helps us with every difficulty. Peace subject is one the most knowledgeable and self-reflective subject which is only taught in MIT-WPU."

    Prajeen Ravade Batch: SYBA
  • "Going into college, my only goal was to graduate with an photography degree. But, looking back on the last year, MIT school of photography has played an integral part in my development as a capable photographer. The university has constantly provided me with good opportunities and resources to improve myself."

    Omkar Kamthe Batch: SYBA
  • "Excellent teaching for our course by Faculty. Dedicated space for studio work. Faculty shares real time practical knowledge."

    Adwait Dindore Batch: SYBA
  • "I am so grateful to be a part of MIT-WPU. It is a great experience for me as I found it on google coincidentally and took admission for BA PHOTOGRAPHY course. Faculty, here is, amazing and helping. It has a beautiful campus and provides a proper guidance towards our goals. "

    Vidushi Kajautiya Batch: FYBA
  • "It is an absolute pleasure to be a part of this grand institution. I really admire the overall positive and enthusiastic environment, here at MIT. I also appreciate the faculty members for their teaching skills. It is good and positive to be a part of MIT WPU SOP."

    Apoorva Kolhatkar Batch: FYBA
  • "I am very happy to be part of MIT WPU SOP, so far, my experience was superb, teacher and environment of institute is very friendly."

    Darshan Gawas Batch: FYBA
  • "The overall atmosphere of the college is very happening, some or the other event is always taking place to explore and enrich the potential in all the students. Faculty is very easy to approach to. Lectures take place regularly. I'm very happy to be a part of MIT WPU."

    Devansh Kadam Batch: FYBA
  • "I am having an amazing learning experience at MIT WPU School of Photography. The best part of the course is that it is a full-fledged course, which tests our camera knowledge and skill, aesthetic knowledge and our self-research and performance. A passionate student always seeks for a passionate teacher, and for each subject we have found passionate teachers. This course not only improves us as a photographer but also as an artist."

    Srushtee Deshpande Batch: FYBA
  • "It has been a great learning experience for me at MITSOP. It has one of the best facilities for a budding and aspiring photographer to improve and polish their skills. I was exposed to different and varied aspects of photography which has definitely helped me in my growth and to be ready for my professional journey in this field. Faculty is extremely co-operative as well as helpful. They have guided each and every student at every step making sure their learning curve is going up. Their guidance and support is not only limited to studies and learning but also extended to career guidance. I would recommend MITSOP to all those aspiring photographers who really want to polish their craft and excel in future."

    Pallavi Jadhav Batch: 2017-18
  • “After being a self-taught photographer for 4 years, I finally decided to join MIT-WPU School of Photography to get refined knowledge of the subject. And I'm sincerely grateful about the decision. The sessions conducted by in-house faculties, mentors and the guest faculties helped me to understand various aspects of this art and gave new dimensions to my knowledge. The faculties and the other staff members are truly helpful and always willing to share their knowledge. The infrastructure, including the well-equipped studio, computer lab and the classrooms are pleasant and welcoming. Activities like study tour, exhibition and specialization project helped me to get a hands on experience and to convert my concepts into reality.A big thanks to MIT-WPU School of Photography Team and best wishes for the institute's future.”

    Alok Katkar Batch: 2017-18
  • “If you want to pursue your career in Photography, MIT School of Photography is the best option I would suggest. The whole staff is very cooperative, helpful and guide you throughout the year. The guest lectures are really very good and very informative that lead you to a very different path. Throughout the year you get to explore many more things about photography and also post processing. The study tour arranged by the college is also very well organised.Join MITSOP to have a great future in Photography.”

    Kaushiki Date Batch: 2017-18
  • “Taking admission into MIT School of photography is like an exclusive visual world tour on big colourful canvas. It has been a wonderful experience for me in my complete year. It is indeed beyond boundaries. Potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams are realized.Thank you MITSOP for this wonderful journey.”

    Ganesh Khule Batch: 2017-18
  • “It was an amazing 1 year journey for me to study photography at MIT School of Photography. Received a good theoretical knowledge of photography and learned all the important aspects through practical assignments. The faculty, seniors and staff was very supportive. They're cooperative, clear your doubts and criticize the work. Got additional knowledge from the renowned photographers who came as visiting faculty. Overall it was a nice experience for me to learn photography at MITSOP and I enjoyed the course.”

    Sagar Dani Batch: 2017-18
  • “A place that changed me from a hobby Photographer to a professional photographer. The staff has been an endless support to me right from day one. The best institute to change your dream as a photographer to a profession. I would recommend this institution to each and everyone. Thank you MIT School of Photography.”

    Aishwarya Ranbhor Batch: 2017-18
  • "I am from the first batch of MITSOP. I was entering a new phase of life of photography. It seemed very difficult for me at first. But the support and guidance I received from the faculty of MITSOP made it very easy for me. I could rely on them for any difficulty or doubts I had. I was given step by step guidance. Starting with the Principal, HOD and Mentors I consider these three people "The Three Pillars" of my life. The environment at MITSOP is very friendly. You get to learn a lot."

    Saurabh Nakhale Batch: 2013-14
  • "My diploma course at MITSOP was literally life-changing. It was just the platform I needed to step up my photography. Under the guidance of the wonderful staff like Akshay Sir, Kumar Sir, and Ashwini ma'am, it was much easier to grasp the vastness of the technicalities as well the art. Everyone had some unique form of wisdom that they were "always" willing to share. It's just up to the receiver of how much he/she can receive and make use of all that. Beautiful and pleasant premises of the classroom as well as the studios. A one year journey that has made quite a mark on my career for which I'm extremely grateful."

    Aatish Shinde Batch: 2014-15
  • "Maharashtra Institute of Technology's School of Photography. The name itself is becoming a brand now, popularly known as MITSOP. I must say this institute has given us stupendous education in a very charming manner. Each and every session here was fruitful and full of joy. The quality education we got that too in such affordable fees is marvellous. Before joining the institute the thought of being a good photographer never came to mind. But should say, MITSOP.. The canvas from where incredible art flies out.."

    Mayur Babaladi Batch: 2015-16
  • "I can positively say that MITSOP has made me the better person. It has helped me in developing my positive attitude towards my photography, my passion and discover more about myself. I always fell that i am so lucky that I am a student of MITSOP. I learnt all the aspects of photography in detail over here. Our mentors, and staff are very carrying and interested in students well being."

    Sayali Mandlik Batch: 2013-14
  • "Learning in MITSOP was a great experience as the institute pays individual attention and also directs in understanding various aspects of photography. The institute motivates in inculcating and utilising the appropriate mixture of creativity and professionalism. The institute gives a larger exposure to each and every student by organising exhibitions and and interactions with well known photographers from the industry."

    Nikhil Kadam Batch: 2015-16
  • "MITSOP is not just a school or an institution...It is my family. The environment is friendly....The place where each and every aspect of photography is taught well... It shaped my carrier well... Now I can confidently stand up to any task I am assigned to do... Yes... It has been a game changer!"

    Pratik Kale Batch: 2013-14
  • "Everyone pursues a dream since childhood, however getting opportunity to live your dream is always special. Photography was always my passion and MITSOP provided a lifetime path to follow my dreams. Being part of 1st batch it will always be memorable for me. Life at MITSOP is fun. You learn in every second at MITSOP. I would always cherish my decision to pursue my dream & passion at MITSOP under the friendly guidance of all faculty of learned a lot."

    Surabhi Mishra Batch: 2013-14
  • "It is very hard to decide what you want in your life specially when you talk about dreams. Photography is everything for me but when I started I didn't knew who to follow my path ,not every institute can teach photography. But with ' MITSOP " its like dream came true. The best decision I ever made. All the aspects of photography basics as well as advanced all the things,ideas I learnt here.learning about lighting and practising with studio equipment was insightful and educating .Learning with MITSOP was fun. Bringing in professionals from the industry to teach us makes MITSOP an excellent institute. If you are looking for photography course this is the place where you want to be."

    Pinkey Hangat Batch: 2014-15
  • Being a student of the first batch of Diploma Course at MIT WPU School of Photography I must say that my experience was amazing. The faculty members not only help but also work very hard to help you achieve the results. They also try to fulfil all your needs in order to achieve the kind of photograph you have in mind. To summarize, my experience at MIT WPU School of photography was fulfilling and every student wishing to learn and improve photography should join it.

    Kaustubh Sardesai Batch: Diploma 2018-19
  • It was a good decision to join the photography diploma at MIT SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY. I have chosen photography as my career and this course helped me enhance every skill. The teachers helped me at every step and corrected the doubts I had about various types of photography.
    It was an amazing experience to learn and understand how the camera captures details technically and how it has the capacity to click surreal pictures if you have a subject in mind. I’m still amazed at the quality of education I got here and I feel honored to have joined this course. I highly recommend MIT SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY to all those students who wish to make a career out of Photography.

    Saurabh Joshi Batch: Diploma 2018-19
  • From not speaking anything on first day of college to winning the BEST CLICK award at the end of the term was the transformation that happened to me in MIT.
    MIT identified me differently. All the teachers are like my family now. They helped me to find my strengths and improving them. MIT not only improved my photography skills and knowledge but also helped in improving my personality.
    Thank you MIT-SOP for such a grateful journey.

    Mangesh Kadam Batch: Diploma 2018-19
  • I always questioned myself if I can ever be better at photography. I had to prove to myself that I can be better and I can do this. I quit my job and got into MITSOP. The diploma I did in MITSOP made me stronger and took me a step ahead at being a better photographer. It made me learn a range of perspectives rather than using just one approach for taking pictures. It made me realize and expand my skills. I am thankful to all the teachers who supported and corrected me throughout the course. They were approachable and very helpful. I loved the infrastructure of MIT University. The study tour, exhibition, and the assignments helped me to get a hands-on experience and give the best possible output of the concepts and ideas I had for each photograph. Thank you MIT it was a life-changing experience.

    Vyshalini Acharya Batch: Diploma 2018-19
  • My one year experience at MIT-SOP was great and enriching. I got the opportunity to learn the technical as well as aesthetic aspects of photography. The faculty is amazing and they made me feel very comfortable throughout. During the course I also got a chance to make videos of the study tour and our daily activities, this experience helped me grow in the field of cinematography and made me realize my true passion.

    Ankit Toppo Batch: Diploma 2018-19
  • I had a great experience throughout the course. Being a self-taught photographer, I lacked in various knowledge that would help me in understanding the art of Photography better, but the diploma in Photography that MIT School of Photography offered helped me hone my skills and experience through theoretical based education and practical based assignments. The teachers were helpful and provided me with proper guidance that helped in my growth as a photographer.

    Aditi Banerjee Batch: Diploma 2018-19